After shearing the pashmina fur from the goat, the coarse hair has to be carefully separated before starting spinning and then weave. After weaving the shawl, it has to be washed in warm water. The shawl is then removed from the warm water and then soaked it. The next step is pressing /mulling the shawl for about 25 minutes. This helps to remove the remaining coarse hair and makes the shawl smooth and compact. The best quality of pashmina requires a very tight weaving and boiling in hot water about half an hour. This gives compactness to the shawl for its warmth and it also lengthens its life. It needs colored as per required. We can give more than thousands of shades of your wish. Refer for color in the telephone book. It is not a complete dress in itself however it adorns and adds beauty as well as grace to a appearance. We are very happy to weave and design by your size and requirement 

Main Source Pashmina Main Source-Silk(Cocoon) Handloom
Making the fringes Hand dyeing Hand embroidery, a rich oriental craft
Hand finishing the fringes Quality Control