We manufacture Following Sizes/Quality/Design of the Pashmina Shawls and Pashmina Fabrics. Besides these we design and weave as customer demand and requirement.
New Shawls
New Sweaters

140cmX280cm - Blanket
90cmX200cm- Shawl
70cmX200cm- Stole
70cmX180cm- Stole
55cmX200cm- Scarf
55cmX180cm- Scarf
30cmX150cm- Muffler
90cmX90cm- Baby Blanket

Quality :
70% Pashmina & 30% Silk
50% Pashmina % 50% Silk
100% Pashmina
100% Silk
Summer Shawl / Water shawl

Product made of Pashmina :
Knitted Sweater
Knitted Caps
Knitted Muffler
Knitted Gloves,
Cushion Cover,
Shoes, etc

We are also manufacturing  different varieties of Shawl, such as Viscous, Woolen Jamawar. viscous Jamawar, Embroidery Viscious, Ethnic garments, Knitted garment etc.

The price of a Pashmina may range anywhere from a few dollars to several thousands of dollars, depending upon the craftsmanship and time factor involved in its creation and sizes. A 100 percent Pure Pashmina is a luxury than pashmina blended with silk. A 100 percent pashmina shouldn't fluff or pill and should be colorfast. When choosing a pashmina it is important to check whether the piece is 100 percent pashmina or if it has been blended with silk. We recommend either 100 percent or a 70/30 percent pashmina silk blend.  And anything less that 70 percent pashmina tends to be too shiny.