Creation Textile was registered in the year 1998 with Nepal Government, Ministry of
Under Ministry of industrial Commerce and supply, Department of Cottage & small industries. The objectives of Creation Pashimina were to promote the export of Nepalese handicrafts and textiles, and thus help lift the economic condition of the craftsmen and ordinary workers as associated with Creation Pashmina.


We are the manufacturer, exporter & wholesaler of pashmina shawls & other pashmina products for domestic & international markets. We are in this pashmina manufacturing business since last 6 years. Our pashmina product is woven by the local & very experienced craftsmen.

Pashmina is the best Cashmere wool in the world. A true Pashmina is the wool from the neck & underbelly of goat "Capra Hircus" also known as "Chyangra" that thrives only in the Himalayan of Nepal, India & Tibet at heights of 12,000 to 14,000 feet or more where there is little vegetation and extremely cold winters. Pashmina is only 12-14 microns thick. Cashmere is defined as any wool under 19 microns thick. Most Cashmere is in the 16-18 micron range. Although it is new to the West, in Nepal and India it has appealed for generations. The western world has been slow to discover pashmina's unique qualities. Exceptionally soft and light, yet extremely warm. Pashmina has become an indispensable and versatile accessory to penetrate the fashion world in decades.

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